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The Mega Graphics Bundle

inkydeals-mega-graphic-bundle-previewHaving a stash of graphic resources is a great way to start any project. Whether you are trying to come up with new ideas or updating existing websites, print layouts, or presentations, a bundle of graphic assets can help you make the most of your efforts. And now Inky Deals is offering their Mega Graphics Bundle for only $49.

The Mega Graphics Bundle comes fully packed with premium resources that will provide your design with an unique feel. Not to mention that you will now be able to tackle different types of projects, because the illustrations and the kits included are web oriented.

Valued at over $2,700, all these elements are brand new and carefully crafted. This collection brings you a wide variety of assets to play around with and mix and match them any way you like!

Use the coupon code MEGA25 for a 25% discount on the Mega Graphics Bundle.

Click here to find out more about the Mega Graphics Bundle at Inky Deals!

Before There Was Photoshop

As Adobe Photoshop celebrates its 25 year anniversary, it’s fun to take a look back and see how we used to do layout and graphic design. 25 years ago I was running a printing company in Palo Alto, CA and this was exactly how we used to do it. Enjoy this look back in time before there was Photoshop.

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Create a Text Portrait Poster with Photoshop

Marty Geller is the Founder & Director of Blue Lightning TV. He provides a number of tutorial on Photoshop. In this video he shows how to create a powerful text portrait poster. While you may not need a poster designed in this fashion, his videos provide a number of tips for using Photoshop.

Visit his website at

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